How to stop cats from spraying Everywhere Happy Cats vs Sad Cats

How to stop cats from spraying Everywhere Happy Cats vs Sad Cats

Cats from spraying Everywhere Male Cats vs Female Cats

Cats can be well known for this particular habit. especially male cats. who like to mark their territory a lot. If a female cat gets stressed she will start to spray too. Its a way of marking out there territory and helps them deal with stress. If you own many cats some times if the cats are not sure where they are in the pecking order. Maybe one feels threatened by one of the other cats or maybe, say you have just got a new dog. The cat will start spraying out of stress. Male cats tend to spray around there mates too. The best way to stop this behaviour is to have your male cat neutered. To be honest the best thing to do sort out this problem first is to have the cats neutered or if they are females have them spayed. Once you have crossed that out of the equation we can look at other possible reasons why this is happening. There is a website I can recommend to you called, ‘cat spraying no more‘.

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If your cat developed depression it can start spraying. I have created a check list for cat behaviour below.

Cats from Spraying Everywhere Happy Cats vs Sad Cats

Happy cats.

a happy cat has a straight tail which is right up in the air maybe with a slight curl at the end. The ears are up and they may be padding on something soft just like they used to pad their mothers. They like to meow a lot in a high-pitched way. They might like to sleep with there paws tucked in and they will have dilated eyes if they are happy. If their whiskers are back the cat is relaxed and if the cat yawns then that is another sign of relaxation.


Sad cats.

A sad cat will sleep more than usual in unfamiliar places. May attack you when fussed. May eat less and have its tail raped around its legs. It may pee or spray in the house. Its ears will usually be back and its whiskers drooped. The last thing to look for is poor grooming.


When you look out for the signs you can understand why your cat is spraying or peeing inside the house. If you are not sure of the difference here are some images to help.

You can clearly see they crouch to pee and stand tall with tail up to spray. When you have determined which of the two they are doing inside the house you can get started on eliminating the behaviour. There are many stresses that can start these behaviours such as moving house, bringing a new cat into the household, having many cats or somebody dying in the house. These situations stress cats.

If you go to, ‘cat spraying no more‘ you can see how to stop them peeing outside their litter tray too. It is a versatile website that gives you all the information you need. It shows you how to treat your cat with just the products from one box. The lady who designed this product talks to you about her own problems with her pet cat. She is a genuine person and a vet too. Sarah Richards talks you through the problems she had with her cat Timmy. Because of these problems she had she has invented a product that stops your cat not just spraying in your house outside the litter tray but peeing too. At the bottom of the website take your time reading about the happy pet owners who have bought ‘cat spraying no more.‘

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