Quick Gun MurugunĀ a vegetarian Tamil cowboy

Director Shashanka Ghosh Quick Gun Murugun requires every conference, cliche and personality from popular cinema and turns them into wonderful caricatures. Murugun, a vegetarian Tamil cowboy, is Ghosh tribute to the archetypal hero, who dominated popular creative thinking for decades. Hoping to persuade Murugun to take up a decent job, his Locket Lover urges him to Get a kerosene dealer.

And after having taught a disabled thief an appropriate lesson, Murugun tells him, to Apply for a telephone booth rather. And even Big B isn’t spared when Reddy suggests his team rope in Bachchan to endorse the horrible Mc Dosas, and imitates His dark style at the t’.

Ouch Mango Dolly

Ouch Mango Dolly, the don moll, wears a blond wig and furry nighties around the villain and brown hair, pink satin petticoats with backless cholis around Murugun. Tension mounts, Gun Powder is inching towards his demise, Rice Plate determines the lines, experiencing every innocent word, giving it a sinister twist, to the unmistakable melody of Happy Birthday in the background. From his two minute lifespans On the music channel, Quick Gun Murugun has come a considerable way indeed and deserves this full-length feature devoted to our very own Indian Cowboy with a buckle to die for.

On the whole, OMG is as tasty as Mrs Murugun’s dosas.